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Our experience and mastery of the art of welding have helped us create a reputation for quality service and sharp attention to detail. At Najera Welding, we are committed to delivering the best quality to our customers.
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You never know when or where you will need welding services. For your portable welding needs, call Najera Welding. Our portable welding team is on call to serve your welding needs in the Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Perris, Norco and Chino areas. If you have a big or small welding project that requires us to come to a mobile location on call, we are the company to hire.

Mobile Welding

We guarantee you high quality workmanship at an affordable price. Your satisfaction in our mobile welding services is of utmost importance.

We believing in doing it all, because that's the way to control our equality. We provide everything from small residential jobs, gate and fence repairs, structural fabrication and installation.



Welding is, at its core, simply a way of bonding two pieces of metal. While there are other ways to join metal (riveting, brazing and soldering, for instance), welding has become the method of choice for its strength, efficiency and versatility.

There are tons of different welding methods, and more are being invented all the time. Some methods use heat to essentially melt two pieces of metal together, often adding a "filler metal" into the joint to act as a binding agent. Other methods rely on pressure to bind metal together, and still others use a combination of both heat and pressure. Unlike soldering and brazing, where the metal pieces being joined remain unaltered, the process of welding always changes the work pieces.



This may seem like a trivial point, but it's actually critical to understanding why welding produces such strong bonds. In the processes of soldering and brazing, two pieces of metal are joined by introducing a third material (with a lower melting point) into the mix. Melting this third material between the surfaces of the original pieces binds the pieces together. The bond, however, is only as strong as the joining material. Welding, on the other hand, cuts out the middleman and joins the original pieces directly to each other. The result is a strong, cohesive bond that's often as strong as the material itself.